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Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi, UAE by WATG

Description by WATG : The design challenge was to create the finest example of a grand civic building in the United Arab Emirates that would be both culturally sensitive to the styles and… Continue reading

Amirandes Resort Crete, Greece designed by WATG

Designed in keeping with the grand palaces of the Minoan kings, Amirandes is an exclusive beach-side resort that epitomises Crete’s most inspiring features: beautiful architecture, warm hospitality, excellent cuisine and stunning land and… Continue reading

Il nido di Giulietta & Romeo in San Cassano by Alberto Apostoli Architecture & Design

Architect’s Words : “Gruppo Bertoli inaugurated the hotel entitled Il nido di Giulietta & Romeo in San Cassano, designed to pay tribute to Venetian traditions, with a modern touch of force and creativity… Continue reading