Bernier-Thibault House by Paul Bernier Architects

Description by Paul Bernier Architects  :

Two boxes of glass and wood, simple volumes and similar in size, were added to this house in the Plateau Mont-Royal. A box is placed on the roof and the other in the backyard under the big maple.

Added the box in the garden becomes a games room connected to living rooms and open doors with large windows overlooking the courtyard as a pavilion in the garden. Thus, the ground floor, the space of family life, is hinged to the horizontal” L” around the garden becomes an extra room in summer. This addition is covered with a green roof that blends into its surroundings when seen on the floors above.

The box on the roof shelters the room of parents, as a tree house reserved for large. Paneled space where we see the city and the sunrise. The box on the roof also acts as a skylight for the volume of the house below. The western corner, fully fenestrated, overlooking a vertical breakthrough that has been practiced in the original house and allows natural light to enter full-screen and on three floors to the ground floor through a gateway slatted wooden openwork.

The second, the bedroom floor, and air is calm. The rooms, by means of a partition made of large sliding panels of wood, open on the bridge floating above the living room, in a double-height space, flooded with light. In this space is the staircase of steel and wood, as in a casket.

Few materials are used, mainly birch and oiled solid steel oxidized crude. Materials simple, accessible and local.

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