Beautiful Home : House Pollock by Metropole Architects

Description by Metropole Architects :

The site is in the Zimbali golf course estate, and overlooks a vista which includes the rolling green fairway, water features, indigenous forest, and the ocean.

The home, while contemporary in nature, showcases the simplicity of Japanese influence. The clients wanted a modern 21st century design inclusive of the beauty of natural wood and glass, to allow them to experience as much of the outdoors as possible inside their home. We introduced large roof overhangs, big openings and strong horizontal elements into the details of the home, thereby accentuating and highlighting the Japanese undertones. The steep topography of the site, while presenting a challenge, inspired us to produce a multi-level, open plan home that projects out of the hillside. The south facing orientation proved a challenge, as ensuring natural lighting into the middle of the house was difficult. This was overcome by the use of an atrium, which serves a twofold purpose: not only allowing the natural light to illuminate the middle of the home, but also separating the resident’s area from the guest area.

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