Tinbeerwah House by Bark Architects

Description by Bark Architects  :

This Noosa hinterland house contains two main interconnected, steel framed volumes for living and sleeping, perched high on the site to take in broad views of the Pacific coastline with the forested hinterland in the foreground. The main spaces step down and run with the natural topography, connecting in section via the double height living and northern pool deck space, whilst a separate ‘silver shed’ art studio projects out across the fall of the slope, creating a south lit, plywood lined space for painting, high in the trees.

Taking some cues in architectural language from the adjacent Bark Studio, the house explores ‘Case Study’ ideas of expressing a legibility of construction, with simple clean spaces contained by a series of steel portal frames and glazing, in contrast with economic modules of lightweight sheet and hardwood chamferboard cladding.

The building has been designed to maximise passive temperature and ventilation through cross ventilation and stack effect principles.  It minimises the need for artificial/mechanical systems for lighting, ventilation, heating and cooling.

The house explores lightness, filtering natural breezes, layers of transparency and integrating indoor / outdoor spaces within dynamic patterns of light and shadow, being a simple frame to enable a contemporary lifestyle.

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