Centre For Democracy and Conflict Resolution, University of Essex by C.F. Møller Architects

Description by C.F. Møller Architects :

The competition was to design a landmark building for the new University of Essex Knowledge Gateway, which is planned as an incubator park for the social sciences: sociology, political science, economics, and international relations. The University of Essex is the top rated university in the UK in these fields.

The proposal aims at creating a compact form where each facade is oriented to the landscape. Inside, u-shaped floors are rotated 90 degrees in relation to each other to create a series of double height spaces that spiral up through the building. Each floor is linked by an open spiral stair which connects all levels of the building.

On the ground floor is a moot court for international tribunals or seminars. The remainder of the floor space is planned as flexible office accommodation, library, IT and seminar rooms, and a rooftop restaurant.

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