VIVA, Odense, Denmark by Benoy

Description by Benoy :

This exciting new retail development in the city centre of Odense has been designed to integrate into the fabric of the city and connect the new retail hub with downtown Odense.

Scheduled to open in 2015, the scheme will introduce over 40,000m² of prime retail space to the city as well as office space and a significant amount of recreational area, including cafés and restaurants.

VIVA has been carefully designed using the concept of ‘Zoning’, where retailers are clustered together around centres of activity. The scheme will include six distinct sectors – Fashion, Living, Sports, Media, Kids and Food, with each area presenting a tailored visual and sensory experience for visitors.

VIVA will also offer the ‘Powder Room’, which will be exclusively for the use of female patrons. Ladies will be able to make use of the meeting places, a cafe and luxury pampering facilities as well as 14 – 16 carefully selected stores.

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