Parc 66 Jinan, China by P and T Group

The project situated beside the urban plaza of Jinan, a city famous for its abundance of natural springs. The shopping mall has a unique form that stands out from its surrounding and establishes a new urban landmark that responses sensitively to the surrounding context. The building’s free form glass atrium is inspired by the concept of natural spring water movement. The project is able to connect and rejuvenate the surrounding scattered urban spaces by strategically locating a central courtyard street amidst the new development. This landscape street will establish seamless links between the neighboring nodes and enhance the existing network of urban pedestrian flow. The project strives to achieve a long term sustainable environment by minimizing the solar heat gain through the building’s low-e glass façade, recycling solar energy to power internal lighting and ventilating the building via operable windows to reduce energy consumption by air conditioning.

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