Home Design Ideas for Single Women : Quant 1 Apartment by Ippolito Fleitz Group

Words from Designers : “ Opposite the bed, the bedroom opens down onto the dining area via four synchronized windows, with a curtain for when discretion is required. On the other side of the room, an oval window enclosed within a Chesterfield-upholstered seating niche, which creates a sensuous boudoir effect, provides a visual link to the bathroom. The materiality of the bedroom is characterized by soft fabrics: A thick-pile, velour carpet, white, upholstered leather, a diaphanous yet opulent expanse of curtain, and flower motif wallpaper on the wall behind the bed are offset and complemented by off-white bedroom furniture. The adjoining bathroom is enclosed by porcelain stoneware executed in horizontal stripes, generating a very tactile feel. A mirrored bathroom cupboard of whitewashed oak stretches along the length of the room. With its mirrored doors and multiple illuminated compartments, it exudes a sense of abundance and offers generous storage.

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