DAMAC Heights Dubai, UAE by Aedas

DAMAC Heights is also located in Dubai Marina, in United Arab Emirates, along with its “sister” project Ocean Heights. At 420 meters in height and 85 floors, it will be the tallest tower in its vicinity. However, unlike its predecessor, the requirements for more modulized units up to the 60th floor, forced a different approach while intending to maintain the spirit of its sister.

The first 60th floors of the tower needed to have the majority of units standardized. The curved shape of the tower improves views past its densely located neighbors. The playfulness of this tower was concentrated into the two most visible faces, allowing units to bend up the tower in two blades. These blades were still modulized up to the 60th floor before the tight restrictions of unit area fluctuations become more relaxed. At this point, the modules drop off and the blades continue, tapering and bending into the sky.

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