Radisson Hotel, Bhubaneswar Airport, Orissa, India by Woodhead Architects

Words From Architects :

Woodhead is appointed for the full scope of interior design services for the Radisson Hotel in Bhubaneshwar, a 125-key business-class hotel of international 5-star quality.

Situated in the culturally rich state of Orissa, the design takes its inspiration from the sights, sounds and colours of the local area. Yet the hotel also provides a respite of calmness through its reference to the important spiritual presence of surrounding temples and contemporary interpretation of traditional tribal culture, arts and craftsmanship.

The hotel’s proximity to the Airport is part of the city’s strategic business tourism development. The five Food and Beverage offerings in the hotel aim to attract both travellers and locals, and provide a stage to showcase the multifaceted local identity within the guidelines of Radisson’s strong brand.

Woodhead’s clearly structured design intent has positively influenced the architecture and landscape solutions, creating a synergistic collaboration between all members of the consultant team.

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