BP Link Building Sunbury, UK designed by Broadway Malyan

Words from Architects :

As the focal point of the second phase of the BP Business Park campus development, the Link Building connects three other buildings and provides central facilities including reception, restaurant, meeting and break out spaces and a ‘town hall’ meeting space for 400 people.

A mixed-mode energy strategy has informed the design of the building, combining mechanical devices with natural passive systems. Photovoltaic panels provide shading to rooflight windows and power the ground water pumps that cool the building’s air supply. A highly efficient cycle was created whereby the more the sun shines, the greater the photovoltaic contribution, the harder the pumps work and the cooler the space becomes. The delivery approach applied to the project resulted in it exceeding UK building industry norms with regard to safety, space utilisation, airtightness, energy efficiency and the reduction of CO² emissions. Waste was also minimised through modular design and repetition and 80% of all waste produced during construction was recycled.

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