Seed House in Jiutepec, Mexico by T3arc



This house is in a vast terrain in one of its boundaries previously produced Ficus trees for sale. We want the house not impact the natural context Seed House has been a fast and simple construction in which thanks to the qualities of concrete becomes difficult to determine the boundaries between inside and outside of it, getting a house with limited dimensions seem very extensive and is imperceptible from various points of the terrain. Trees being planted cheek by jowl, have grown up together and very slender, so that our proposal takes this forest of trees to cover the southern sun and having a front wide open to them. We managed to make a deck of 200m2 underpinned by three central columns and the cross latch completely by way of an inverted pendulum. In this way we can have no prop in the rest of the house, and be free to use the space under the deck as best suited us. The orientation of the house is north, as Jiutepec is a very warm state of Morelos, Mexico. The house barely has a master bedroom and a small room for a child. The rest of the house is open, with a bar for cooking and living areas and eat together. In the south garden, it forms an open area to be under the shade of the Ficus, while the north facade forms an open terrace in the sun like a pier, floating on a pond that retrieves clear water for irrigation. Visit Architecture’s Site here.