Beautiful DIY Sea Glass Tray


If you dream of summer coming, sun, sea and relax and want to feel it in every single detail, you can make a thing that would remind you of all this. For example, a sea glass mosaic tray. So, take a tray, some beautiful sea glass, ready-to-use tile adhesive, premixed grout, a toothed trowel, a rubber tile float, and a sponge. With a toothed trowel, apply a thin coat of adhesive to a small part of the tray base and comb the teeth through the adhesive. Put some grout on your rubber float and start pressing and smearing it into the sea glass. Take a clean, damp sponge and gently removing the thicker layer of grout from the top of the sea glass. Now clean the glass with a clean wet sponge and voila- here’s the sea glass shine!

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